Pay by Phone Casino Guide

When you start exploring online gambling sites to join, you will see that in addition to standard payment solutions, you’ll find many alternatives you can use for more contemporary and modern banking.

At CaZAino, we’ve tried out one of those solutions, Pay by Phone, and we want to share with you how effortless and easy it is to use.

Across Pay by Phone casinos, you’ll be able to make deposits with your smartphone, in just a few taps on your device, and in a completely safe and secure way. Stay with us to learn how!

How to use Pay by Phone

As introduced, to make a deposit at any Pay by Phone casino, you would need to have a mobile device and an active, registered phone number.

You won’t need to create an account with the solution, as it is a standardized method which functions with many South African mobile operators.

The solution functions like this: you request to deposit a certain amount of funds, and that amount is charged on your monthly mobile statement. As simple as that!

Pay by Phone South Africa Casinos

The beauty in Pay by Phone is that you don’t need to create an account and wait for hours for all things to be in place so that you can start depositing across online casinos.

This is a convenient, user-friendly mobile payment solution that will allow you to make instant deposits in just a few taps on your smartphone.

And on this page, we at CaZAino have listed the best online casinos and Pay by Phone betting sites that you can explore, join one fast, and start playing your favourite games right away.

Casino Planet

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  • CaZAino Favourite
  • Great on Mobile
  • Quick Withdrawals
Punt Casino

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  • Deposit with EasyEFT
  • Powered by Realtime Gaming
  • 24/7 Customer Support
Yebo Casino

Get up to R12,000 in Welcome Bonus

  • Play with Rand
  • The ultimate YES Casino
  • 50 Free Spins
Springbok Casino

Get up to R11,500 in Welcome Bonus

  • Play with Rand
  • Established in 2012
  • South African Online Casino
Europa Casino

Get up to $2,400 in Welcome Bonus

  • European Style
  • Established in 2003
  • Fast Withdrawals
ZAR Casino

Get up to R15,000 in Welcome Bonus

  • “ZARWELCOME” Bonus Code
  • Good Welcome Offer
  • Play with Rand

The essentials about Pay by Phone

Considering Pay by Phone is not an eWallet, as mentioned, you don’t need to create an account to use it. All you have to do is look it up at the casino’s Banking or Cashier page and click on it to initiate the payment.

To ensure the security of the transaction, the solution uses a unique one-time code sent to your phone number, which you need to enter in the designated field to complete the transaction.

Once you do that, your deposit is immediately available on your online casino account. There are rarely other solutions that are as easy to use as Pay by Phone, as you can see.

Making a deposit using Pay by Phone

We’ve covered the basic procedure on how to make a deposit with Pay by Phone, but let’s do a step-by-step guide:

  1.       Join a trusted South African casino site which accepts Pay by Phone from our list.
  2.       Find the Pay by Phone option and tap on it.
  3.       Choose your mobile operator, enter your phone number and the funds you wish to deposit.
  4.       Wait for the unique one-time code to arrive on your phone via an SMS.
  5.       Enter the code in the designated field on the casino site window.
  6.       Your transaction is confirmed, and your online casino account is topped up!

In just a few minutes, you have successfully funded your online casino account and you’re ready to start playing your favourite games, like Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat right away!

Making a withdrawal using Pay by Phone

Unfortunately, Pay by Phone cannot be used for withdrawals. Since you’re charged on your monthly phone bill, the transaction can go only one way around.

There’s no way for the casino to send your winnings, as there is no account to send them to. Therefore, when using Pay by Phone for deposits, you would have to look for a different solution to cash out your winnings.

Most players who choose to deposit with Pay by Phone, opt for bank transfer to withdraw their winnings. It takes a few days for your winnings to arrive on your bank account, but they most certainly will. eWallets are another great option for easier and faster withdrawals.


The requirements to use Pay by Phone for deposits are pretty straightforward and evident from what you’ve read so far.

In order to start using it, you only need a smartphone and an active phone number. You don’t need to register an account with it, you just need to register an account with an online casino that accepts Pay by Phone payments.

After that, the process of depositing is pretty intuitive. You just follow the steps as explained above, and you’re done depositing in a few minutes.

Pay by Phone Benefits

  • Pay by Phone is a safe and convenient payment method to use for deposits.
  • It is straightforward and super-easy to use and make deposits via your mobile device.
  • Many South African casinos accept it, so you won’t have a problem finding one to join fast.
  • You don’t need to register a separate account with it to use it.

Pay by Phone Cons

  • You cannot make withdrawals with Pay by Phone.
  • Some operators may charge a fee for payments with it.
  • Typically, it allows for only small deposit amounts to be transacted.
  • There may be a daily limit as to how much you can deposit with it, depending on the operator.

What is KYC (Know Your Customer)?

Regardless of the fact that you don’t need to share any specific personal details with your casino when using Pay by Phone to deposit, you should still be prepared to provide identification documents at some point.

The Know Your Customer is a standard identification procedure that all legit online casinos must comply with, which requires them to better know their customers and verify their identity.

You may not need to overshare details or documents, but make sure you have your ID or passport near, for whenever the casino asks you to provide it, to have an even more seamless experience at the site.


This solution offers the most inherent security there is. With most other payment methods, you would have to share tons of information about yourself and your banking history.

With Pay by Phone, you only need to share your phone number. That’s how you keep all your sensitive details to yourself and avoid identity theft.

Thanks to the unique, one-time code you receive to complete the transaction, it puts you in advantage, since no one but you can provide that code, hence, no one but you can make the deposit.

The code arrives on your phone via an SMS, so unless you confirm it, the transaction won’t go through. Therefore, your funds are safe with it.


As mentioned in the Pay by Phone Cons section, some operators may charge fees for using this solution. These fees won’t be tremendous; they would be symbolic, to cover the basic costs of the service.

However, you should know that it is rather unlikely to come across an operator that would charge fees. Mostly because the Pay by Phone service is usually offered by a coalition of independent operators.

Being the partnered operators, they usually agree on not charging users for their services. And if they do, the fee would be quite an insignificant one, practically unnoticeable.


If you ever need help with your deposits, or you’re uncertain how to use Pay by Phone to fund your online casino account, which would be highly unlikely considering how easy it is to use, make sure you contact the casino’s Customer Support first.

The casino’s Support agents should be able to guide you through the depositing process. But if you are uncertain about the charge on your statement, or something related directly to Pay by Phone, make sure you contact the operator’s Support.

Each operator has a dedicated Customer Support service, almost always available by a toll-free phone number, and they normally have a Live Chat and a FAQs page you can explore.


There’s probably no easier way to make a deposit at a South African online casino than with Pay by Phone. This is the solution you need to make effortless transactions, with no or extremely low fees.

It is safe, fast and it offers its own Customer Support service, therefore, you cannot make a mistake choosing to play with it.

The only real disadvantage is that it cannot be used for withdrawals, but that’s due to its nature. Anyways, you can always use bank transfer or an eWallet like skrill to withdraw your winnings.

But for deposits, make sure you choose Pay by Phone because your entire online gambling experience would be much easier and straightforward, with only a few taps on your smartphone. Enjoy it!