VISA Casino Guide

If there’s one brand that South African players can find in any online casino they join, and any online platform in general, is VISA. VISA is one of the longest-lasting credit card programs in the world.

You’re probably a cardholder of a credit card issued by VISA already, and you’ve probably used it somewhere else to pay for online services. As you will learn on this page, you can use it across online casinos in the same way.

But, if you haven’t used VISA credit card, we at caZAino have prepared a thorough overview of what is it, how to use it and why, to play across online casinos with it. We have tested it as a deposit and withdrawal method at VISA betting sites and we reassure you that it is an excellent method to use.

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How to use VISA

In case you don’t already have a credit card issued by VISA, you should know that in order to get one, you would have to visit your bank or some other financial institution authorized to issue VISA cards.

The process of applying for a VISA credit card is quite simple, but it would require you to fill out an application with the financial institution of your choosing. Once you get issued with your card, you can use it to make a deposit at VISA casinos in just a few clicks.

VISA South Africa Casinos

One of VISA’s strongest suits is the convenience. There’s no person who hasn’t used VISA credit card for online purchases and payments, and that’s why it is a method that you’re probably familiar with.

But even if you are not, you’ll see that depositing and withdrawing with this payment method is really easy, as all it takes is entering your credit card details to top off your casino account or cash out your winnings from it.

If you want to give it a try, you can join one of the many VISA casino sites we’ve tracked down for you at caZAino, and start playing your favourite live casino games with it right away.

The essentials about VISA

Considering it is a credit card system, in order to use it, you would have to get issued with a VISA credit card. You would need to do that by visiting your bank or any other financial institution that is authorized to issue these cards.

You would have to apply for your card by filling out an application form. Once the bank or other financial institution reviews your application and approves it, you can claim your VISA credit card.

Making a deposit using VISA

  •       Join a South African casino site that accepts VISA. Finding one would be extremely easy.
  •       Visit the casino’s Banking or Deposit page, find VISA’s logo and click on it.
  •       Enter your card details, such as cardholder name, card number and expiry date.
  •       Specify the amount of money you would wish to fund your online casino account with.
  •       Confirm the transaction and VISA will process it in a few minutes.

Making a withdrawal using VISA

  •       Log in to your online casino and go to its Banking or Withdrawal page.
  •       Select VISA as your withdrawal method.
  •       In the pop-up window, enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw.
  •       Enter the necessary credit card details and send your request.
  •       As soon as the casino approves it, VISA will process the money in a few days.


To get issued with a VISA credit card, you would have to meet some requirements. You would have to be at least 18 years old or older, have a Social Security number and a positive credit history.

You may also be required to have a source of income. If you cannot meet these requirements, you may apply for VISA Electron or other VISA gift and prepaid cards, as the company VISA issues all kinds of cards to cater to the needs of any type of a user.

VISA Benefits

  •       VISA implements the top security measures including two-factor authentication, PIN codes, and SSL encryption, for which it has been certified and awarded, and has received recognition all across the world.
  •       It is very simple and easy to use across online sites, online casinos included.
  •       It is available virtually across all South African sites and allows transactions with South African rand.
  •       You can deposit and withdraw money with it via mobile devices.


  •       With VISA credit card, fees apply for using some of its services.
  •       Not everyone can get issued with a VISA credit card, but only people who meet the requirements and have a good credit history.
  •       Even though deposits across live casino sites are instant, withdrawals with VISA take 3 to 5 business days, due to security and regulatory reasons.

What is KYC (Know your customer)?

When visiting online platforms, especially when money is involved, you need to go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. This is a procedure that would ask of you to provide personal and financial documents as proof of identity.

You need to understand that this KYC procedure is obligatory for companies to know who they’re dealing with, and with that, to know whether frauds or some illegal activities are being made.

As a mean to prevent any criminal activities, VISA would require from you to provide such documents and identify yourself. And as you will see, this is for your own good and for the safety of your money.


VISA is known for its safety precautions and considering it has been around for decades, it has gained the reputation of an extremely safe payment method to use. That’s why millions of people are using it daily.

Among the safety and security measures it implements, we can mention the two-factor authentication, the 3-D secure (formerly Verified by VISA) protocol and SSL encryptions. All of these ensure that no one tampers with your money, so for as long as you’re using VISA, you can rest assured that your money is safe.


VISA, being a payment solution directly tied to banks and other financial institutions, charges fees. However, these fees depend on the card you’re using and the issuing bank or financial institution.

Upon application, you need to choose the card you want to use, and with that, choose the fee you can afford. Before you choose your card, therefore, make sure you go through the set rates and fees to choose the one that suits you most.


One of the reasons why you should consider using VISA as your payment method across online casinos is that it offers phone support via a local South African number, 0800-900-475. So, for any urgent matters and problems, you can call the trained, expert agents to seek help.

But, if you’re willing to find out more about the credit card or look for an answer by yourself, you can always explore VISA’s exceptionally designed website, which contains all the answers to the most frequently asked questions, guidelines and more.

It also offers support by email, for which it promises to send you a response in 48 hours.


There is no doubt that VISA is here to stay. It is a name that resonates trustworthiness, efficiency, safety and security, and it is a brand that has been internationally recognized for its services.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a payment solution you can trust with your money to use across online casinos, make sure you give it a thought. Sure, it comes with some small fees, but overall, it is a solution that would provide you with the most benefits, compared to other methods.

Add to that that you can contact the Support service via a national number and that you can transact with your own currency, and you’ve got yourself the right solution for you.