Jackpot Games

Slots are the most popular type of game online. They are fun, have a very fast learning curve, and often offer prizes beyond your imagination. This goes double for jackpots, special slots with sky-high rewards you can hit if you’re lucky.

Real money jackpots are not as regular slots. While at first glance it may seem so, they offer rewards regular slots can’t match. They play much the same and are featured at nearly all online casinos.

Jackpot games are simply much more thrilling than online slots. If you want to win big, you will try your luck on progressives.

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What are jackpot slots?

Jackpot slots can be easily described as regular slots with jackpots attached. It can be a single jackpot or a few. When it comes to the jackpots themselves, there are two types you can hit online – fixed and progressive.

Fixed jackpot slots feature a big prize attached to them that can often go over thousands of times your stake. In comparison, regular slots offer something closer to hundreds of times your bet. And, while there are online slots that may offer a bigger prize, hitting a jackpot can’t be compared to anything else.

Fixed jackpots slot machines are incredibly popular in South Africa right now. Every gambler is excited to hit a jackpot and hear the coins clinking endlessly. Aside from the big reward, you also reserve some bragging rights as one of the select few players that have hit a jackpot.

Play progressive jackpots

As mentioned, there’s a second type of slot jackpots you can hit. These are called progressive jackpot slots and are even more entertaining and bigger than fixed jackpots.

When it comes to progressive jackpot slots, things are a bit different. These jackpots are seeded at a certain amount which grows over time. A small part of every spin made on a progressive jackpot slot contributes to the pot and usually, there are no caps on the amount.

Progressives such as Mega Moolah have already made dozens of players millionaires. Wondering how much you can win? The top Mega Moolah jackpot often goes over 10,000,000 coins.

You can play progressive jackpots at any of the casinos listed on CaZAino’s page. Nothing’s different from playing fixed jackpot slots or regular online slots. You still need to spin the reels for real money in order to get a shot at the amazing rewards.

Mobile jackpot slots

The coolest thing about online jackpots (fixed and progressive both) is the fact that you can play them anytime and anywhere. South African players can enjoy a host of great mobile jackpot slots on their Android and iOS devices both.

These slots are fully mobile-optimized for any type of screen or device. They have touch-optimized controls and sometimes special mobile features that can enhance your experience. It doesn’t matter if you play on your smartphone or tablet – you can enjoy a seamless experience across both.

What makes mobile jackpots so popular? Well, the fact that you can play them whenever you want to is one major factor. You never know when luck strikes – it may not find you at home, but you may hit a jackpot while waiting for the bus to arrive.

Mobile jackpot slots are the real deal, so give them a spin for Naira and you may win a wonderful prize in return.

How to choose a jackpot site

Choosing a jackpot site might look easy. To the untrained eye, all online casinos look the same. However, there are significant differences between each.

First and foremost, you must pick a licensed and regulated jackpot site before you start playing. A good online casino will also offer 100% safe and secure gaming, and of course, feature a long list of games and payment methods.

You should look for a site with both fixed and progressive jackpots. The more games it has on offer, the better. Play them all for real money and you might hit the jackpot too.

What is an Online Jackpot?

An online jackpot is a big prize attached to a slot. Jackpots are fairly similar to regular video slots, with the only exception being a massive prize you can win. How you win a jackpot depends on the slot itself. Some have jackpot specials triggered in different ways, while some jackpot slots offer their massive prizes randomly.

A random jackpot can occur on any spin in the slot game. There might be some other requirements attached to it – for example, some slots may require you to max out your bets for the random feature to strike.

Online jackpots are different in terms of size. Some can give you a prize worth thousands of times your stake, others will let you win millions. Some may even feature several jackpots varying in size, with the jackpot hit frequency also varying for the higher jackpots.

Different types of jackpots

In the world of jackpot slots, there are several different types of jackpots you can hit. First, there are the fixed jackpots that offer a certain fixed amount of cash. Progressive jackpots are not capped in terms of size. There’s also a third type of jackpot you can hit shared across a network of online slots.

The different types of jackpots vary in size. Here at caZAino, we prefer progressive jackpot slots. Since they have no cap on the limits, they can grow quite big. These are “funded” by each bet made on the slot. A small part contributes to the huge progressive jackpot and one lucky winner can take it home.

Depending on the developer, jackpots can either be won randomly or under some conditions. These include your bet size and possibly other things you need to pay attention to. Check out each jackpot’s guide page to learn how the jackpot ends in your hands.

Fixed jackpots

Fixed jackpots are pretty common nowadays. You can find them in all South African online casinos on our list. As the name explains, this type of jackpot is fixed – its prize is finite and doesn’t grow as progressive jackpots do.

The prize depends on the slot. Some will offer a jackpot 1,000 times your stake. Others will go over 20,000. Whatever the size, there’s just something special in hitting a jackpot. It can fall randomly or during a special bonus round where you might need to fulfil certain conditions in order to hit it.

Fixed jackpots may not offer the rewards progressives do, but they are still fun. South African players can enjoy them at the casinos listed at our page. You never know when luck strikes, so why not give them a try?

Progressive jackpots

If you want to win a truly amazing reward on slots, progressive jackpots are the way to go. Dozens of players have already been made millionaires on a single progressive jackpot slot spin. Those you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it rewards can only be hit when you play for real money, so you should definitely give them a try.

The biggest progressive jackpot slot online is Mega Moolah. Developed by the legendary Microgaming, Mega Moolah features four jackpots, each one seeding (starting) at a different price. The biggest one seeds at 1,000,000 coins, but usually grows several times the size. If you’re lucky, you could be the next winner.

Progressive jackpots usually take a small part of each spin made on them and add it to the virtual pot. As you can guess, it can grow quite big. The hit frequency is not that high, but who can tell when your luck turns up?

Play progressive jackpot slots at the best South African online casinos and you could be the next African millionaire.

Wild and Scatter symbols

In slots, wilds and scatters are special symbols that don’t act like regular ones do. Wilds substitute for other symbols in a winning combination, while scatters are used to trigger bonus rounds.

Depending on the slot, scatters can also trigger a bonus round with a jackpot. You will need a certain amount of those to hit the jackpot. In most jackpot slots, it’ll be three to five.

Also, you must check out the game guide in order to learn where those symbols need to land so you can hit the jackpot. Sometimes, their position on the reels impacts the jackpot game – for example, you might need three scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5 in order to win the ultimate prize or unlock the jackpot bonus round.